Frequently asked questions
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Can I bring my dog (or my cat)?

Unfortunately, you have to leave your pet at home.

Is Grévin free for people under 26?

Grévin offers discounted rate for students under 26. Kids under 6 are free.

How long does the average visit last?

The visit takes 90 minutes on average.

Is Grévin air-conditioned?

Yes, the entire route of the visit is air-conditioned.

Is Grévin accessible to the disabled?

Yes, Grévin is wheelchair accessible. In fact, Grévin was awarded the 2003 Grand Prix Tourism & Handicap for the best tourist facilities designed for the disabled.

May I take photographs or make videos inside Grévin?

Yes. Cameras are allowed in Grévin. You may take photographs of yourself next to your favourite celebrities and fill your family photo album with stars.

How do I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets online on our website or in person at the cashdesks in our museum.

Can we get a discounted rate?

Yes. Grévin museum offers discounted rates for famillies with kids, students and seniors. You may be asked to present official documents validating your entitlement for the discount (ISIC/Students card, ID etc.).

Does Grévin have its own visitors car park?

You can find parking spots in the nearby shopping malls OC Palladium and Kotva at Náměstí Republiky. They're both a five-minute walk from Grévin.