Selecting the celebrities
Deluxe casting

In January 2001, was founded Academy of Grévin, chaired by Bernard PIVOT. The Academy meets twice a year and selects a new personality, which are then placed into the world of Grevin.

The spiritual father of the Grévin Museum, the founder of the newspaper Le Gaulois and journalist Arthur MEYER, who in 1881 created a vision that will represent the 3D form of the personalities who were known only from the newspapers, occasional photos or cartoons or drawings (along with Alfred Grévin, or Nadar).

In the spirit of tradition and today sit in the Academy of journalists from all possible areas. The ranks of the personalities of the Grevin are chosen by popular people, acquaintances from newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV or movie.    

Note: foreign dignitaries are chosen directly according to the instruction of the Grevin.