The Ballroom

The moment you enter the ballroom, you will fully understand that Grévin is truly a temple filled with celebrities. You will enter the glamorous world of lights and luxury, in which the most famous people in the world live ...

Grévin is the place where you can meet all of them at once! The sultry George Clooney with the elegant Meryl Streep at his side will be awaiting you. Your heartbeat will increase at the sight of the star couple, gorgeous Angelina Jolie and attractive Brad Pitt.

There is just so much to see! Let yourselves be immersed in the atmosphere of the society’s peak and become celebrities yourselves! Meet with Marilyn Monroe, Cameron Diaz, Nicolas Cage, Céline Dion or the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. And don’t miss out Karel Gott!