Yesterday and today

Grévin Prague has tailored an original trip for you, one touching upon the history of Czech lands and estates. You are expected at the court of Saint Wenceslaus, who will meet you mounted on his horse. Furthermore, you will meet with the emperor Rudolf II, a celebrated Bohemian monarch and emperor Charles IV, and with highly-principled Master Jan Hus ...

You are also going to be taken into the revolutionary times as well as times of fame for the Prague citizens, including the famous Defenestrations of Prague, which took place in 1419, 1483 and 1618.

 In addition, you will encounter Maria Theresia, a famous reformer, as much as a devoted wife and mother of 14 children. You will be reminded of the modern history by the ‘papa’ of the Czech nation, the president and liberator, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. Many of the key figures of the Czech history are awaiting you in the world of Grévin. Come refresh your memory and meet them face-to-face.