The Magic Laboratory

Enter the charming world of Grévin, in which we begin our journey with a visit to the Enchanted Laboratory. With every step, you will encounter the realms of mystery and magic. At first sight, it seems that this alchemic laboratory is deserted - it is however not so ...

Rudolf II, the emperor, partially acquired fame for his exploration into the sciences, and partially through gathering astronomers and alchemists, as was to his delight. An opportunity awaits you in meeting one of those alchemists. In our laboratory, you will find yourself surrounded by mysterious potions, unknown tools and apparatuses. An unexpected meeting with one of our alchemists will familiarize you with one particular apparatus.

The alchemist and his Enchanted Laboratory are awaiting your very visit. Enter and let yourselves be taken on a journey to the world of magic and marvel. The whole of Grévin is filled with them so wait no more and enter!