The Magic Theatre

Grévin Magic Theater will surround you with an ambiance full of theater boards, which encompass the world of velvet, and this mysterious darkness behind the theatre curtain. You will form part of a relaxed atmosphere that this theatre provides, and be neighbours of celebrated actors and artists ...

On your travel through time, you will first meet the unforgettable John Lennon, followed by the charismatic Gérard Depardieu, who is winking at Anna Geislerová, the famous Czech actress. In front of the podium, the two Czech globetrotters, Miloš Forman and Jan Tříska, are deeply engaged with the happenings. Emma Destinnová and the eccentric Mozart will remind us of the long-gone past.

In our magical Grévin, we give space to any and every dreamer, and traveller to the realm of fantasy. You will witness an experience so deeply impacting that you will wish you never had to leave from our theater.