The Old Prague Café

What was it that made our hundred-spired mother, the heart of Europe, our beloved Prague so famous? Yes, the old-Prague cafés. Be welcome to one such café, a very unconventional one …

Styled as a Café Grévin, a whole dreamworld full of unexpected pictures and profound experiences.  By travelling through time and space, this café will set you on your way to an enchanted history.

You can join Bohumil Hrabal at his table, where he is contemplating with his favourite beer. Sitting right next to him, Vladimír Menšík would be delighted if you popped in. It may be, that in one of the corners, you will see the Prague’s legend, the mysterious Franz Kafka slipping past. Also, there are three enchanted windows of the Grévin world awaiting you and who knows, perhaps even the walls come to life there. Everything is possible in our café.