Title 1

General provisions

Article I

These Visitor Regulations are bound for and apply to all the persons entering the premises of Museum Grévin (hereinafter referred to as the “Museum”) (hereinafter referred to as the “visitors”). These Visitor Regulations are applicable appropriately to the visitors temporary authorised to enter the premises of the Museum or any of their part on a basis for meetings, receptions or various events, eventually for professional reasons, unless otherwise agreed.

Title 2

Admission to the Museum

Article II

The Museum is open every day of the week, including public holidays. The dates when the Museum is closed are stated on the web site:

Article III

The admission to the Museum is allowed only within the stated opening hours, unless otherwise agreed. 30 minutes before the stated opening hours the new visitors will not be allowed to enter the premises of the Museum.

Article IV

The Museum reserves the right to change visiting days as well as the opening hours, eventually reduce offered services or their part. The Museum or its part can be closed especially for safety or public health reasons without being considered liable and without any pretention from the visitor to beneficiate from any indemnity whatsoever. 

Article V

The admission to the premises of the Museum is allowed only upon producing of a valid ticket. This obligation also applies to the visitors exempted from payment of the admission fee.

The visitors are required to keep the ticket for their entire visit of the Museum. The visitors are required anytime to submit the ticket for a control on a request of any of the Museum staff. The ticket entitles the visitor for one visit of the Museum. Purchased and checked tickets cannot be returned.

Discounts from stated admission fees are provided according to valid price list.

Article VI

Prams are allowed within the premises of the Museum.

Scooters, skateboards, rollers or any other means of transport are prohibited within the premises of the Museum. According to Article 9 of these Regulations this equipment has to be dropped off to the cloakroom.

Before entering the exhibition premises the visitor has to drop off all objects larger than 30x40 cm or longer than 40 cm to the cloakroom, i.e. umbrellas, bags, backpacks, carryalls and all the pieces of luggage on wheels or carried on including baby carriers. Upper garments such as coats and cloaks must also be placed in the cloakroom and it is not allowed to carry the upper garments over one´s arm.

Article VII

Specific facilities exist in order to facilitate the access of people with restricted mobility.

Article VIII

The Museum shall not be liable for any damages that could be caused by wheelchairs to a third party or to their occupants.

Article IX

For the security reasons the number of the visitors in the individual expositions can be limited.

Article X

The parents are responsible for their children. It's necessary to provide responsible adult care for children under 15 years of age.

Title 3

Cloakrooms – uncollected and found items

Article XI

A free of charge cloakroom is available for visitors.

Items, that can make the Museum tour difficult for the visitor shall be dropped off at the cloakroom. The items that are not allowed within the Museum shall also be dropped off at the cloakroom including live animals.

Article XII

Cloakroom agents shall:

  • accept items subject to the facility capacity availability; they may refuse items whose presence would not be compatible with safety concerns or with proper operation of the facility. They can also require the visitors to open their items for safety and security checks.
  • not accept the live animals into the cloakroom.
  • give numbered ticket(s) to visitor ; in the case where such ticket(s) should be lost, visitor may not retrieve its items until the cloakroom is closed.
Article XIII

Personal possessions and items have to be retrieved before the closure of the Museum.

Uncollected items as well as items found within the premises of the Museum shall be held for their owners for a one (1) year period at the Securtiy office. They may be retrieved at the entrance of the Museum under presentation of an identity card. After lapse of the period of one year, these items will be destroyed or donated to a charity.

Any uncollected items as well as items found within the premises of the Museum being considered as dubious shall be given to competent authorities for destruction.

Article XIV

The Museum is not liable for loss or theft of the items freely dropped off by the visitors outside the cloakroom. The visitors are required to pay attention to their personal things. The Musée Grévin is not responsible to the visitors for the damage caused to their property due to theft.

Title 4

General requirements for the visitors´ behaviour

Article XV

It is prohibited to introduce within the premises of the Museum:

  • weapons, knifes, chains, scissors, explosive, inflammable and/or volatile substances and, in a general manner, any illegal, dangerous substances or items;
  • bulky or loud items, including luggage that shall have to be dropped off in accordance with article 9 at the cloakroom;
  • animals, except for guide dogs for the blind;
  • food and drinks.
Article XVI

The visitors shall wear appropriate clothes, especially the visitors wearing swimsuit, bikinis or topless or without lower part of clothing or nude will not be allowed into the premises of the Museé Grévin, and have to be correct with the Museum staff, other visitors, and in a general manner, with all persons present within the premises of the Museum.

Persons wearing very dirty clothing and those who through their behaviour may damage the exhibited waxes or endanger the safety of other visitors will not be allowed access to the exhibition spaces, eventually they can be ordered out of the premises of the Museum.

The visitors shall respect safety and security rules.

The visitors shall avoid disturbing the tour of the Museum by their behaviour, attitude or remarks.

Article XVII

It is prohibited to:

  • eat and drink within the exhibition premises;
  • enter the premises of the Museum under the influence of alcohol or any other addictive substances;
  • touch decorations and, in a general manner, deteriorate in any manner whatsoever waxes and decorations;
  • block the emergency exits, and, excepting in the event of an accident, use the emergency exits;
  • cross the fences and barricades, and disobey posted prohibitions;
  • write or draw on the walls or in any other way pollute or damage them;
  • race, jostle, slide or climb in the premises of the Museum;
  • disturb others visitors through any noisy activity, and particularly by listening to audio devices or using musical instruments;
  • throw litters, and drop papers or rubbishes and chewing gums in particular, on the floor; bins are available at the entrance and exit of the Museum;
  • smoke and in any way to manipulate with open flame;
  • perform, without being duly authorised, any trade, advertising or propaganda, collect money, distribute or sell pamphlets, prints, newspapers, insignias or items of any kind within the Museum;
  • perform the activity of the tour guide (means the imparting of information for fee);
  • use the areas and the facilities in any manner that does not comply with their purpose.
Article XVIII

The visitors who breach the provisions of these Regulations can be ordered out of the premises of the Museum, eventually any other legal steps can be taken against them.

Title 5

Provisions related to the groups

Article XIX

We highly recommend to the groups to make a previous reservation of the date and time of their visit on the address:

The Museum is empowered to expel from the Museum any group that did not make the previous reservation, particularly during the busiest times.

The Museum is also empowered to expel from the Museum any group, especially of pupils or students whose supervision does not meet standards and rules, or in the event of a breach of provisions of these Regulations or any other rules, especially of the Museum staff.

Article XX

All the rules stated by these Regulations applicable to the individual visitor also apply to the visitors – members of the group.

Article XXI

The group leader is responsible for ensuring that all the members of the group will follow the rules stated by these Regulations as well as the rules and instructions of the Museum staff. The Museum reserves the right, if necessary, to take steps to ensure the proper behaviour of the members of the group.

Article XXII

The group tours must not cause disturbance to others.

Article XXIII

For the security reasons the number of the visitors in the individual expositions can be limited. Organized groups are limited to 20 people.

Title 6


Article XXIV

The visitors are hereby informed about the installation of the camera system with record device in the premises of the Museum for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the visitors and objects situated in the premises of the Museum, especially waxes or premises of the Museum and protection of the property against the criminal activities in accordance with the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on protection of the personal data.

The personal data of the visitors in the scope of – record of the camera system are processed by the administrator, the company Musée Grévin Prague s.r.o., ID No.: 291 28 285, with its registered seat at Celetná 596/15, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague 1, registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 202065. The administrator is entitled to authorize any third party as the processor.

The camera system captures the records 24 hours during the opening hours of the Museum.  The records captured by the camera system will be kept by the administrator according to registration CCTV from the day of their capturing, then the records will be deleted. Processing takes place on the address of the administrator´s seat. The number and deployment scheme is attached to this order. There will be no other recipients of the personal data collected of the camera system by the administrator except for bodies active in criminal proceedings, eventually appropriate administrative bodies.

The visitors have the right of access to personal data, the right to have their personal data rectified, as well as other rights stated by Section 21 of the Act on protection of personal data, i.e. if the visitor finds or presumes that the administrator or the processor is carrying out processing of its personal data which is in contradiction with the protection of private and personal life of the visitor or in contradiction with the law, in particular if the personal data are inaccurate regarding the purpose of their processing, the visitor may ask the administrator or processor for explanation; require from the administrator or processor to remedy the arisen state of affairs, especially by blocking, correction, supplementing or liquidation of personal data. Contact details for applications:   

Article XXV

The visitors are required to submit to any possible individual search or inspection of the items that the visitors bring and take away from the Museum conducted by the Museum security staff and/or any other Museum staff.

Article XXVI

The visitors shall refrain from any act that likely to threaten the safety of people or goods in the premises of the Museum.

The visitors shall report immediately any damages or any other unusual occurrence to the Museum security staff, or eventually to any other Museum staff.

Article XXVII

The visitors shall comply with the written safety rules, as well as safety instructions of the Museum staff. In case of a necessity of an evacuation of the Museum or any of its parts the visitors shall abide by the instructions of the Museum staff.

Article XXVIII

If any of the visitors sustains injuries or any medical indisposition, it is necessary to contact the Museum staff which ensures a medical help (assistance).

Article XXIX

The visitor who is a witness of any of illegal act, especially commitment of a criminal offence, or misdemeanour against the property of health shall report the act immediately to the Museum staff.

Article XXX

A visitor who finds a lost child in the premises of the Museum shall take the child to the main cash desk of the Museum or to any member of the Museum staff.

Article XXXI

The Museum is not liable for injuries or damages caused by the breach of these Regulations.

Title 7

Photographs, films, records and copies

Article XXXII

The visitors are allowed to make video recordings and audiovisual recordings of the Museum, waxes and decorations exclusively for their personal use.

For other than personal use of the visitor (e.g. for commercial purposes, creative activities) the video recordings and audiovisual recordings can be made only upon request with a previous consent of the Museum management.

Article XXXIII

The visitors shall acquire the consent of the Museum staff for capturing of its video and audiovisual recordings.

Title 8

Caused damages

Article XXXIV

The visitor is liable for the violation of these Visitor Regulations and caused damages according to the appropriate legal regulations, especially the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the civil code.

If the visitor causes a damage to the Musée Grévin by violation of these Visitor Regulations or through other inappropriate activities, a protocol shall be written-up with the visitor. If the visitor is unwilling to prove its identity, the assistance of the Police of the Czech Republic shall be requested. The scope, amount and method of compensation shall be determined pursuant to the relevant legal regulations and internal regulations of the Museé Grévín.

Title 9

Final provisions

Article XXXV

These Visitor Regulations are available for the visitors at the Museum cash desk.

Article XXXVI

The visitors are notified of ending of the opening hours by the employees of the Museum or local address system 15 minutes before the end of the opening hours. After the notification the visitors have to leave the premises of the Museum until the end of the opening hours.

These Visitor Regulations become effective on May 1, 2014.

Musée Grévin Prague s.r.o.